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Go Inside Almo’s Complete Video Wall Guide

Almo Pro AV talks trending topics, BDM insights and the latest products for your future projects in its new guide to video wall installations.

The bigger the better, right? Not necessarily. While the industry has evolved to a point where video walls are seen in almost every application you can imagine, it’s not the size that is grabbing attention.

With the progression of technology, video walls are being created with crisper images, thinner bezels and enlisting the art of techorating.

Color Calibration

In efforts to create a visual experience that remains consistent from display to display, manufacturers are focused on color calibration techniques. For example, Samsung brought color calibration back to the factory to ensure consistency for its customers from the moment the display is installed.

Bezel Size

LG has made a splash with their new Clover video wall product, which delivers the smallest bezel-to-bezel size in the industry. By creating virtually no bezel between displays, the content can be viewed in a new, exciting format.

Ease of Installation

Mount options allow for a slim installation, easy access and locking mechanisms. However, installations can still be tricky. Almo Installation Services has been assisting customers install video walls across the country for quick and consistent installations every time.

Download Almo’s guide to find trending topics, BDM insights and the latest products to engage your future projects. We know there are challenges that face any integrator when it comes to captivating your audience with video walls.

Almo has already established itself as a titan in the industry through award-winning education offerings and Business Development Managers. But now, they have compiled an ecosystem centered around specific solutions to the common challenges you face daily. Formed by strategic partnerships, Almo’s Ecosystem provides cohesive, all-in-one packages from Design Support to Maintenance.

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