Hands On: Crestron AirMedia Wireless Presentation Solution

We put Crestron’s AirMedia wireless presentation solution to the test, and asked integrator Mode:Green how the solution enables collaboration.

CI Staff

Have you had non-Mode:Green employees use the solution to present wireless?

I have. The simplicity of it was very well received, especially with regards to pulling information from mobile devices.

What’s the most number of users you had connected at the same time? Was it cumbersome?

We had five at once. It was fairly straightforward as whoever had something to show just engaged the system and popped in over the previous user.

The QuadView feature allows you to have four presenters displaying content simultaneously. Have you used it and how has it gone?

We have done this and the process was very simple. We used it to view spec sheets. As the display was not a very large one, the QuadView feature was not heavily needed. However, this feature as compared to the alternative to accomplish this in a wired, switched scenario is very powerful. To be able to do this in alternative ways is very, very expensive.

Crestron seems to recommend the AirMedia wireless presentation solution for smaller, huddle-style rooms where an advanced system might not be practical. Do you agree with that?

I suppose this makes sense due to the ease of switching from user to user. However, I don’t think the device should be limited to those types of rooms only. It is very well suited for larger spaces as well.

Did you integrate it with Crestron DigitalMedia? If so, how did it perform?

We did not in our space, but I have in other installations. It works very well and simply eliminates so much of the clutter typically associated with these types of systems. With laptops becoming smaller and requiring so many adapter cables just to connect to a display, AirMedia is a welcomed change to most clients who are looking for a straightforward solution.

What are the three biggest benefits – pros – that you can envision for an integrator providing a Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation solution to a customer?

  • Ease of installation. It is as close to plug-and-play as you can get.
  • QuadView and streaming capabilities. These features are typically far more cost prohibitive.
  • Price. Considering the normal requirements to simply send video from a boardroom table to a display, this device is very cost effective.

What are the three biggest negatives – cons – that you can envision for an integrator providing a Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation solution to a customer?

In scenarios where a company has split admin and guest wireless networks the device will need to be able to be accessible from both. This creates a little confusion with the IT staff as to how to secure this bridge. Involving the right people in the beginning solves this problem, but it should be a consideration going into the installation. [Editor’s note: When CI got Crestron’s reaction to this “con,” the company indicated that it was in the process of posting a deployment guide that would provide examples of how to overcome that.]

Audio streaming. This can be a bit more complicated than the video side of things as it may require some preference changes on the displaying computer. I have had customers ask to be able to change the logo on the splash screen. Not a biggie, but would be a nice added feature. [Editor’s note: According to Crestron, the OSD is fully customizable and page 24 of the manual explains how to change it. However, the web pages are not customizable.]

Final thoughts?

All in the device is great. It is cost effective, easy to use and requires very little on the installation side. I was somewhat late in the game in seeing what this device would do initially, but since using it for the first time I have become a big proponent. I have them specified into several new projects, and our clients to date that have been using them have really enjoyed them.