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HDR, Social Media Streaming Are Front and Center for BrightSign at DSE 2016

Free firmware updgrade makes BrightSign 4K digital signage players capable of decoding HDR video.

CI Staff

While many are talking about the impact that high dynamic range (HDR) content will have on video going forward, BrightSign is demonstrating it. Just as it did at Integrated Systems Europe 2016, the digital signage player manufacturer is showing playback of HDR content using its 4K players during Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2016.

A free firmware update makes BrightSign’s 4K players capable of decoding HDR video, according to BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings.

More from BrightSign on HDR:

HDR is widely regarded as the next major milestone for the display industry after 4K, giving a much higher contrast ratio and wider color palette complementing the higher resolution of 4K. The CEA HDR10 standard vastly increases the color gamut to 1,024 shades of each color, enabling the display of colors and contrast that couldn’t previously be reproduced on screen.

BrightSign will demonstrate 4K HDR playback via HDMI 2.0a at DSE, offering visitors a first-hand look at the latest and very best video playback. BrightSign 4K players already deliver 10-bit-per-channel color, so only the free BrightSign 6.1 firmware update is required to ensure compatibility with emerging 4K HDR screens and content. HDR support will be available for all BrightSign 4K players in Q2.

Additionally, BrighSign is focused on demonstrating new ways to integrate social media streaming into digital signage.

More from BrightSign on social media streaming:

Two synchronized screens will showcase the company’s recent collaboration with Tagboard, whose technology makes it easy to capture, curate and stream social content to BrightSign’s 4K players. Two other booth demonstrations include visualizations using Postano, another leading social media aggregation partner to BrightSign. This highlights the versatility of BrightSign’s 4K line, which boasts enough processing power to stream live social media content, aggregated continually 24/7, and showcased in a multitude of on-screen visualizations.

It’s a busy DSE 2016 for BrightSign. Its digital signage players feed synchronized content to the show floor’s entry arch made of 18 Samsung displays on Peerless mounts. OpenEye Global offers the content.

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