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How Genetic Is Making Control Room Operators’ Lives a Whole Lot Easier

Genetec’s Mission Control system, demonstrated at ASIS 2016, provides security professionals situational intelligence, system visualization and incident management, helping to simplify operators’ tasks and decision-making processes.

Open platform video surveillance and access control management specialist Genetec demonstrated its Mission Control system, a “decision support system” (DSS) designed to provide security professionals situational intelligence, system visualization and incident management.

Designed to work seamlessly with Security Center, the company’s unified security platform that combines video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and communications management, Mission Control aims to simplify the operator’s tasks and decision-making process when handling routine activities and undesirable situations.

Andrew Elvish, vice president of marketing and product management, said Mission Control is intended to make sense of the voluminous data coming into command centers to keep operators from getting overwhelmed.

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“It brings an end to the use of binders,” he said. “It allows for a very methodical approach that removes emotion from procedures, providing the benefits of clear-headed thinking when it is needed most. It’s also very beneficial for overall operations and efficiencies. And what’s great for security integrators is it allows them to play a more active role in helping their customers develops standard operating procedures.”

Mission Control offers operators the ability to manage both active and historical incidents, run reports for analysis purposes and continuous improvement, as well as for auditing purposes.

To enhance and streamline the operator experience, the product introduces new levels of interaction within dynamic maps, including monitoring live incidents and response management, to go beyond traditional maps that are generally limited to monitoring security devices and singular events.

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