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How Many Star Wars Characters Does It Take to Hold a Meeting?

Star Wars themed infographic takes aim at the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ sides of video conferencing.

CI Staff
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InFocus, the company that created the Mondopad video conferencing and collaboration system, created a fun Star Wars themed infographic about video conferencing in the theme of the recently released Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

The infographic gives facsimiles of Star Wars characters and common conferencing personalities—both the good (light side) and the bad (dark side).

Along with the clever infographic comes a number of facts about conferencing that advocate for video conferencing in the workplace. Some interesting stats can be found within the infographic:

  • In meetings, 63 percent of attendees send emails, 44 percent text and 21 percent shop online.
  • 88 percent of attendees say video conferencing increases impact of discussions.
  • 87 percent of attendees say video conferencing expedites decision making.
  • 87 percent of executives under the age of 35 prefer to work for a company with video conferencing capabilities.
  • 94 percent of attendees say increased efficiency and productivity is the number one benefit of video conferencing.

Here’s a look at the infographic breakdown, piece by piece (rather, character by character).