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How Prysm Technology Is Raising the Bar for Research Collaboration

Using Prysm Visual Workplace, Schlesinger Associates is uncovering answers for clients quickly and easily, and improving collaboration across the board.

CI Staff

For Schlesinger Associates, a global marketing research company focused on data collection, using cutting-edge technology is nothing new.  The company uses various technologies to help enterprise customers get to quick and insightful findings.

Recently, Schlesinger Associates was in search of a solution to improve collaboration for employees within the company as well as with their customers and outside participants.

To help uncover answers for clients more quickly and easily than traditional methods alone, Schlesinger Associates is now using Prysm Visual Workplace, a cloud-based, visual meeting place where teams across the globe can create, share and save projects by combining apps, content, video and the web.

Watch the video below for customer testimonials from Schlesinger Associates.

“Using Prysm’s technology, we have been able to attract and engage research participants and immerse them in stimuli in a more collaborative way,” says Steve Schlesinger, CEO, Schlesinger Associates, in a press release. “This is leading to quicker insights with more color about the research.”

While Schlesinger says there are countless ways the technology could be used and the opportunities vary based on individual client goals, what makes it most unique is the visual collaboration available among those inside the company as well as their customers or outside participants.

Here are a few specific ways the technology has helped Schlesinger clients:

  • Clients have used the tool to have customers react to product mock-ups in real time, incorporating feedback and updating visuals during the sessions
  • Clients used Prysm’s vast visual workplace video wall to present, analyze and collaborate on a variety of stimuli to experience firsthand the immediate feedback from customers that is easily documented and captured from the visual workplace
  • The system has allowed research collaboration across vast geographies, in ways not available to Schlesinger in the past

Read more from the press release:

“The next cutting-edge feature I look forward to implementing is the new mobile feature from Prysm that can take this work to the next level by allowing us to conduct remote panels from any location, where participants have access to the same stimuli across any device, while still allowing our clients to watch the participants’ interactions as they unfold— from any location and device,” Schlesinger says.

“This flexibility will allow us to move more quickly and be a potential money saver, as gathering all participants and client contacts in one location can often take a lot of time and travel dollars.”

“Prysm enjoys working with customers like Schlesinger, who see the future and are using technology to gain advantages for themselves and their clients over the competition,” says Paige O’Neill, CMO, Prysm.

“As Prysm Mobile engages and connects employees and participants from any location on any type of device, the time and money saving possibilities and opportunities are endless for tech savvy customers.”

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