How to Create a Recurring Revenue Service Bundle

Hear from Dexter Williams, strategic sales manager at ConnectWise, about the best way to create your new managed services package.

CI Staff

Adding more services to your portfolio helps you become the critical point-of-contact for clients.

To get started, there are four tips you should know in order to building a bundle that goes beyond hardware to provide total solutions for your customers.

1. Never leave money on the table.

Your customers are a gold mine for new recurring revenue opportunities. By using an RMM tool to assess your client’s environment, you can learn what areas are missing monitoring or management. As you develop a relationship, you can bring those areas to your client’s attention, along with the solutions you offer.

Watch Dexter Williams, strategic sales manager at ConnectWise, explain further (or read on below).

2. Keep up. And move ahead.

Technology is anything but stagnant. Whatever industry you’re serving, stay on top of trends and add the appropriate services that complement your current package. Build your client’s trust that you know what they need for operational efficiency, sometimes before they do, and can provide it with ease.

3. Show them what you’ve got.

The best time to present new solutions to a client is during a quarterly business review. Along with a look at what you’ve already accomplished together, highlight additional areas where management or monitoring is needed. Suggest solutions that can be added as a recurring line item to their existing service contract. These might include telephony, ISP, anti-virus, networking, or any other services you offer.

4. Partner for progress.

Just because you don’t currently offer a service your customer needs doesn’t mean you can’t. Partner with someone who does and approach your client as a team. That way, you don’t run the risk of losing your client to a competitor.

Author Mark Sokol is the director of marketing at ConnectWise.