How to Leverage Big Data and the Internet of Things

These trends will transform the way corporate clients work — and how integrators design systems.

CI Staff

Today, two of the biggest tech waves are promising to transform the way we live and work: Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our hyper-connected world is certainly a hot topic in tech, and with wearable devices taking center stage at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), IoT is all the rage right now.

While businesses are already struggling to manage huge data stacks, called Big Data, created from metrics gleaned from online tools, IoT will also begin generating constant data streams that will contribute to the data explosion in a big way.

How does all this relate to the AV industry?

While AV businesses can look for trends in data to understand what their customers are looking for, Big Data influences enterprise collaboration, a main concern for the AV industry. Today’s organizations are operating through workforces that are often spread far and wide. Mobility is more prevalent than ever before.

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The evolving workplace is changing the notion of teamwork and collaboration, forcing organizations to reshape their collaborative infrastructure to accommodate these changes. Moreover, managing high volumes of data is complex, but it is also creating unique opportunities to tighten teams, and crafting more seamless collaboration among those responsible for capturing and analyzing big data.

So far, organizations have applied big data and analytics to improve their understanding of their customers, but only a few have utilized the technologies “internally” to improve their own business processes. Big data insights can be leveraged to help understand how teams collaborate within an organization.

This collaboration data will be crucial for planning better meetings, helping teams create better presentations and accelerating overall collaboration between colleagues. Increased connectedness between devices will enable teams and co-workers to stay connected round the clock.

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There will be more opportunities for meetings, and planning them will be as easy as a click. With all the ease of planning, you can bet that collaboration will continue to grow, and then organizations will have to collect and process the data generated as a result of these meetings.

How do organizations harness this data to their benefit? The answer lies in a collaboration solution that is equal parts secure and accessible. AV technologies will play a huge role in delivering the new-age collaboration solutions designed to meet the requirements of data-driven organizations.

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