How ZeeVee Flipped the Script on Video Distribution

Having moved beyond its coax roots by adding IP- and fiber-based video distribution options, ZeeVee says it doesn’t have to sell ISE 2016 attendees on anything.

Tom LeBlanc

Still more questions.

“We looked at uncompressed technology, but we had become all about pristine video on the RF side,” Michaels says.

“We said what’s the big bottle neck in the industry in terms of headache and it’s really that matrix switch. It just ties them down and doesn’t give them growth options or the ability to go forward. We thought that going through IP is the way to [move beyond that].”

Enter ZeeVee’s Zyper line, which includes Zyper4K distributing uncompressed 4K over a standard 10Gb switch and the 10Gb Fiber Network Switch.

“We’re not an RF company. We’re a development company,” says ZeeVee’s Chris Scurto.

ZeeVee showed Zyper at ISE in 2015 as well, “but it was all so new,” Michaels says.

“This year it’s viable. We have examples we can point to. We know it works. Last year we only had fiber. This year we have copper. It’s very simple to use. Last year at ISE there was a lot of conversations on 4K per se and I think this year it’s still about 4K but now it’s kind of moved on because it’s kind of accepted that people are using 4K monitors and putting in 4K capabilities in so they don’t have to do it later.”

The big message that ZeeVee wants its ISE 2016 visitors to walk away with, isn’t much different than its original marketing message. It’s just that instead of talking about the simplicity of leveraging a customer’s existing coax network, ZeeVee’s product family now allows an integrator to talk about leveraging a customer’s RF, category cabling or fiber infrastructure.

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“We are the only company in this industry that doesn’t have to sell you a technology,” Michaels says.

“I don’t have to come in and tell you about a technology that’s based on Cat 5 or fiber or coax. Most sales people go in and have a mission to get them to use Cat 5. We can go in and have a conversation with the customer about their existing infrastructure and figure out if it can be utilized. We have a product for RF, fiber and now we have a product for Cat cable. Let’s talk about what you have versus what I need to sell you.”

So does this mean that ZeeVee is no longer a coax—or RF—company? It never was, says Chris Scurto, VP of marketing and North American sales.

“We’re not an RF company. We’re a development company.”

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