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Hybrid TV and Digital Signage Solution Transforms 560 McDonald’s Restaurants

Mood Media provided McDonald’s LA Co-Op with a compatible and controllable TV satellite delivery network solution for its 560 Los Angeles restaurants, helping to increase revenue and enhance customer experiences.

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What’s a McDonald’s dining experience without the ability to watch a few Mickey D’s ads and follow its live Twitter feed on digital signage displays?

Customers might not have even considered the idea that TV would be important to their dining experiences, but in 2016, food and entertainment pretty much go hand in hand, not to mention the revenue opportunities digital advertising has opened up for restaurants and businesses.

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In order to remain a leader in the QSR industry, McDonald’s LA Co-Op aimed to revolutionize its customers’ dining experiences in 560 different locations in the Los Angeles area through Mood TV, a hybrid television and digital signage solution.

Co-Op reached out to Mood Media for an immediate and reliable solution after its previous television provider went out of business.

Key Features: Control and Compatibility

With its old television provider, competitive ads and inappropriate content was displayed on Co-Op TVs, with the venue having no control over the content being distributed.

Mood enabled Co-Op to have full regional control over the content through a unique satellite delivery network.

With screens and satellites already in place, Mood’s visual designers worked quickly to create a base template for exclusive use at Co-Op’s McDonald’s locations. Mood implemented an MVision player and an Encompass satellite receiver to work with the satellites at each Co-Op location.

Video content is broadcasted via the AMC1 Satellite and downloaded via the Encompass SR media player. The content is then delivered to the MVision media player, enabling the store to play the McDonald’s Network Visuals/Ads on a NEC brand television.

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Co-Op needed a solution that would allow them to air family friendly content.

A router is also used to help communicate the signal between the Encompass SR and the MVision media player.

With the Mood TV solution, content is seamlessly delivered across a large network of more than 560 McDonald’s Restaurants in Southern California.

All content is pre-screened by Mood to ensure it is family-friendly, and competitor ads are removed before any content is displayed.

Mood offered Co-Op a solution that was fully compatible with its existing satellite infrastructure, eliminating the need for the venue to invest in additional network equipment, in addition to allowing Co-Op to have full control over the content being displayed on its TVs. 

One Solution, Double the Benefits

With its Mood TV solution, McDonald’s and its ad providers can now make additional revenue off of ad sales. Furthermore, customers can also enjoy family friendly entertainment while dining, and McDonald’s no longer has to worry about competitive ads influencing customers’ future dining decisions.