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Ihiji ServiceManager Enables Cloud-based Management

Software as a Service tool makes it easy for companies offering technical support or remote managed services to launch and run recurring monthly revenue service plans.

CI Staff

Ihiji recently launched its new Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, Ihiji ServiceManager.

Designed to help integrators, security monitoring firms and other companies and trades that offer technical support or other services to make their businesses more productive and profitable, Ihiji ServiceManager “gives professionals the tools they need to set up and maintain bottom-line-boosting recurring monthly revenue service plans,” according to the press release.

Here’s more about Ihiji ServiceManager:

Through its research, Ihiji learned that integration firms felt they did not have a consistent method for creating service contracts; had no contact system to determine which clients are covered for various levels of service; did not know how to track prospects; did not have an effective method for sending monthly bills; and had no centralized place for all customer and site data.

In direct response to these hurdles, Ihiji ServiceManager allows integrators to set up and store service-plan information and data on all clients and sites and access it through a single, cloud-based system. The tool also helps integrators with existing service businesses to streamline and amplify their efforts. Ihiji ServiceManager gives integrators and their team members—not to mention other trades like security companies—everything they need to run successful and profitable support service businesses, including:

• Contact management
• Service plan management
• RMR billing
• Technical support tracking
• Centralized project documentation

Ihiji ServiceManager also helps manage and track service level agreements, device and network documentation, recent client activity, ticketing, passwords and customer contact information, and even contains a centralized service documentation repository, which might contain files such as installation notes and CAD designs. The document repository itself is an important part of a technology provider’s institutional knowledge, which can easily disappear along with a technician that leaves the company. Ihiji ServiceManager ensures all of the important assets are captured, before it’s too late.

Coming soon, Ihiji ServiceManager will provide current Ihiji Invision users access to a single, integrated user interface for both services. For Invision users, this represents an entirely new user experience design that is expected to help simplify the remote network management process even further. This integration will also help administrators to manage user access across the various types of roles who use each of these services within their organization.

“Ihiji ServiceManager is a new SaaS solution that enables business owners to improve and profitably expand their businesses while significantly reducing the operational headaches associated with running a services business,” adds Rench. “Best of all, at the end of every single month, firms utilizing it (Ihiji ServiceManager) get paid for their hard work.”

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