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InfoComm 2014, I Shiver With Antici…Pation!

Products and demos at last year’s InfoComm show have been called ‘more evolutionary than revolutionary.’ What trends can you expect to see at this year’s show?

George Tucker

What can we expect to see from smaller manufacturers at the show?

Nice Niche

Along with the influx of consumer hardware and software into engineered systems, the absence of a certain company from a number of the trade shows has opened a window. Now many niche providers are getting a second look. 

These smaller and more nimble companies provide well designed and cost-effective solutions. While many manufacture their lines in much smaller numbers and availability can be an issue, this can also be an advantage. 

Niche companies can incorporate new technologies and features in a near turnkey fashion and generally provide excellent one-on-one technical support. 

As the trend away from all-in-one systems to a more decentralized ‘boxes where you need them’ continues, look for niche companies to solidify a devoted install user base.

Luxury is the New Orange

At the height of the Great Recession, companies (and many of our clients), strove to pare down the high end luxury items. The move was toward a ‘democratization’ of control offerings in the form of stripped down entry level build-as-you-go systems. This was, and still is, a great idea and when paired with a upgrade channel brings new continuing clients to the market. 

As the economy continues to show improvement, (however slow, it is forward moving) there is a desire for more sophisticated offerings. The Wall Street pundits call this a ‘pent up demand’ and it can come on in a rush as those at the higher economic class suddenly feel comfortable with spending 4k on an interface. 

Clients may not be buying Lamborghini’s and drive their BMW Mini’s to run errands, but owning a Tesla has a certain sensible panache to it. High end/luxury with its obvious quality and limited availability instantly differentiates it and you. 

Come into the Lab

To paraphrase our friend Dr. Frank from the beginning of the article, “Come into the lab and see what’s on the slab.”

Agree or disagree, there will something for everyone to be agape and debate about.

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