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InFocus BigNote Whiteboard Software for PCs Complements Displays & Touchscreens

In a move to expand its line of collaboration products, InFocus has announced its new BigNote software for PCs.

The Portland, Ore.-based company InFocus offers a vast line of collaboration tools that includes both hardware and software solutions.

The Skinny: Bolstering its line of collaboration products, InFocus has announced its BigNote 1.2 software.

The Specs: InFocus says its BigNote 1.2 interactive whiteboard software works on PCs running the Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS platforms. Users can utilize the program to take notes, sketch, annotate and share work from their computing devices and InFocus BigTouch interactive displays.

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“These programs [InFocus also announced its BigConnect software tool] move us closer to our goal of creating collaboration that works for everyone; not just those using our devices, but also those using devices they already have,” says Dave Duncan, product manager, InFocus. “When everyone can actively participate, whether in the room or across the country, the best ideas and results can surface.”

InFocus adds that BigNote includes digital pens, highlighters, shapes, lines in several colors, and a whiteboard canvas that extends 10 pages in any direction.

Other features like the software’s Auto-Shape mode recognize free-drawn lines and shapes and reform them to be more precise. Users can also send screen images through email.

Solutions: InFocus says the BigNote 1.2 software can be used in classroom settings and corporate environments.