Inside NanoLumen’s Big, Bold Statement at InfoComm 2014

The LED display maker is on track for its biggest sales year with 70% of revenue coming from integration channel.

Tom LeBlanc

It’s hard to believe upon seeing its towering, beacon-like show floor presence that InfoComm 2014 marks only NanoLumens’ third time exhibiting.

The makers of “cuttable,” “curvable,” unique LED display technology burst onto the market with products in 2011.  During an interview with me that year CEO Rick Cope said he sensed a demand for a commercial video solutions that stand out—”something really thin that can be hung anywhere without a lot of infrastructure, something that can be any shape or size, not bound by rectangles, something efficient with less heat that’s easy to use and flexible.”

He was right.

NanoLumens reports that its sales have more than doubled year-to-date in 2014, it’s on pace to have its biggest sales year and “70 percent of that revenue is coming from the integrator channel,” says director of business development Nate Remmes.

Watch Remmes, at InfoComm 2014, discuss NanoLumen’s sales growth.

What’s resonating with customers and integrators, according to Remmes, is NanoLumen’s flexibility. “Our promise to imagine, design, and manufacture LED displays in any size or shape required is really resonating with customers in all of our target markets,” he says.

“With NanoLumens there aren’t space limitations.  Integrators are selling solutions in record numbers and designers love the customization of the product line.”

The plan during InfoComm 2014, according to Remmes, is to share examples of NanoLumens’ flexible solutions with attending integrators. “Hopefully, we’ll discuss some of the key wins we’re having with other partners and give them opportunities to capitalize on things they previously weren’t able to.”

From NanoLumen’s InfoComm 2014 press release:

Pacing NanoLumens’s year of record-shattering growth are major new sales to MAC Cosmetics, Uniqlo, Charles Schwabb, Terra DOOH, Cleveland’s massive I-X Center, WinStar Casino, Northern Lights Casino, Aerospace, and Delta Airlines Flight Museum, among many others.  “The I-X Center sale alone was the largest single order in the company’s history — a multi-million dollar partnership,” Remmes explained.  “We supplied 22 of the most impressive LED displays in the country, including 8 massive NanoWrap displays.”

Indeed, NanoLumens has taken a number of steps to ensure its ability to continue to meet the growing market demand for its displays.  The company has strengthened its manufacturing relationship with PartnerTech, the Georgia based contract manufacturer that is part of PartnerTech AB, the Swedish supplier of services in manufacturing, engineering and supply chain management that employs more than 4,000 people worldwide.  “We are now in the third year of a partnership with PartnerTech that is only going to become more strategic for us as we expand our marketing programs outside of the United States to geographic regions around the world.”

Another goal NanoLumens has for InfoComm 2014 is to convey that its solutions are being deployed across several markets. “It’s not just convention centers and casinos,” Remmes says, “but high-end retail and corporate lobbies is a big space for us right now. Broadcast is very big for us. We see a lot of potential in house of worship. We’re getting order after order in higher education.”

So the company has catered its InfoComm 2014 exhibit to reflect various applications, showcasing displays in actual channel environments and assigning channel managers to those areas to answer market-specific questions.

NanoLumens at InfoComm 2014.

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