Inside One of the Most Innovative Dental Simulation Clinics in the World

Featuring 42 simulation stations and 36 lab stations equipped with monitors, PCs, EBS’s training system and large-screen displays, University Hospital Ulm’s dental students can benefit from a highly technical multimedia training clinic.

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Dental education has reached a whole new level in Germany.

Just recently, University Hospital Ulm began using a state-of-the-art dental simulation clinic to provide top-notch training to dental students.

Equipped with multimedia technology from EBS, a manufacturer of multimedia training solutions, students at University Hospital Ulm are now benefiting from highly technical workstations that allow them to not only practice dentistry, but also simultaneously receive training. 

PHOTOS: Check out University Hospital Ulm’s Innovative Dental Simulation Clinic

Each of the 42 simulation workstations are equipped with a replica of the human head, as well as a monitor, PC and the latest generation of EBS’s “alphadidact Digital” training system. In each of the 36 lab workstations, large-screen displays have been installed.

EBS’s system crosslinks the simulation workstations and lab workstations, as the multimedia technology facilitates image transmission of digital cameras and microscopes to the monitors of the individual workstations, as well as to projectors and large-screen displays.

In addition to video display technology, audio technology broadcasts sounds from a microphone to headphones or speakers. Live demonstrations and footage can be transmitted in high-resolution to each display instantly through the simple push of a button, supporting lecturers during training and simulation of dental problems. Other functions also offer the lecturer instructional support during trainings.

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According to an EDUCAUSE press release, the multimedia training system is highly reliable and easy to use. 

With the installation of EBS’s multimedia technology, students can be trained simultaneously at each workstation and track teacher and fellow student presentations in real time. According to the press release, the eye-hand coordination, which is particularly important in dentistry, is intensely trained by means of the multimedia training system as well.