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Inside Sharp’s InfoComm 2014 Booth

At this year’s InfoComm show, Sharp Electronics showcased the new Aquos Board.

CI Staff

Sharp Electronics exhibited at InfoComm 2014 with the new Aquos Board, a collaboration and interactivity solution for meeting rooms, boardrooms, education spaces, conference halls.

Gary Bailer, director of product planning at Sharp, demonstrates the brand new Aquos Board to CI in the video below, pointing out the new features of the series.

For example, the touchscreen has no glare and is fingerprint-proof. And according to Bailer, anything you bring up on the board can be transferred to other devices such as Windows, Android, and iOS for easy interactivity.

The Aquos board is also equipped with multitouch capability for multiple users at one time. Watch the video below to learn more about Sharp and the new Aquos Board at InfoComm 2014:

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