Inside Wilson Electronics’ InfoComm 2014 Booth

Didn’t get to stop by the Wilson Electronic booth at InfoComm this year? Check out the cell phone booster kits, certified installer program, and more with our insider video.

CI Staff

Wilson Electronics is a 40-year-old company that got its start in the industry by making antennas and CB radios.

In 1999, Wilson decided to hone its abilities in the cellular marketplace, working to improve cellular signal inside home and business spaces.

At InfoComm 2014, Wilson Electronics displayed its satellite system kits, including an outside antenna, inside antenna, and amplifier, of different sizes and lengths of reach.

The company also took advantage of the opportunity to speak about how you can become a certified installer on its website. Wilson provides an easy certification program, a demo kit you can take to your clients, and the recommendations you can make to each client about installing the kits in a particular business space.

You can also be listed on the online Wilson Installer Locator (referrals!).

Go inside the Wilson Electronic booth for more details: