Integrated Audio Systems Becomes 50th InfoComm APEx Company

Program recognizes AV integrators and designers that set high standards for employee training and certification and delivers exceptional solutions.

Integrated Audio Systems recently became the 50th company to earn InfoComm International‘s highest honor as a member of the AV Provider of Excellence (APEx) program.

The APEx program “was created to recognize AV integration companies and design consulting firms that set high standards for employee training and certification and meet their clients’ needs by delivering exceptional solutions,” according to InfoComm’s description of the program.

APEx companies “must demonstrate a high level of service quality and technical capability by building a team of Certified Technology Specialists (CTS), adhere to InfoComm standards and prove ongoing customer satisfaction,” according to the guidelines.

The group of APEx companies have been growing steadily in the past six months.

“As the association representing the professional AV industry, it’s InfoComm’s responsibility to ensure our industry continues to advance,” said InfoComm senior VP of member services Betsy Jaffe in the association’s announcement of the milestone. “That’s done by recognizing companies that invest in rigorous industry training, personnel certification and standard processes.

“The APEx program was created to distinguish AV integration companies that are championing industry quality through professionalism and customer service. Congratulations to Integrated Audio Systems for joining this elite group,” she said.

IAS VP of technology and operations Jeremy Caldera led the initiative for his new company to gain APEx designation. Caldera has been a supporter of the program from the beginning, having been instrumental in achieving the first InfoComm APEx designation for his previous employer, Zdi Inc., in August 2014.

“I’m excited to see so many companies embracing the APEx program,” Caldera said in the announcement. “Along with all of our employees at IAS, I feel that providing a quality product and service to our clients is priority one, so we are honored to be the 50th APEx company.”

David Miller, VP of finance and sales at IAS, agrees with Caldera.

“This designation sets us apart from our competition and shows that we hold ourselves to a higher degree of competence,” said Miller in the announcement. “Implementing standards, certification, and training reflects the company’s investment in its employees and its dedication to clients. APEx is the badge that shows a company’s commitment to those ideals.”

Before IAS pursued the APEx designation, the company didn’t have any CTS holders on staff. Today, almost half the company is CTS-accredited.

“The staff was very receptive to the CTS program. Being able to put that certification after their names helps to set them apart from other individuals in the industry,” said Caldera.