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iSIGN Surprises, Reinvents Digital Advertising

iSIGN takes commercial advertising by storm with the Smart Player.

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That’s one of the company’s greatest values—proximity, as well as privacy.

During the hour or so I spent with the CEO, he also repeated five pillars of the company and its products again and again. They were: attract, interact, transact, measure, and engage; the five steps that the Smart Player makes with a customer.

I’ve just described the first three that occur during customer interactions, but what about the last two: measure and engage? iSIGN says the Smart Player also gathers customer data for real-time and future analysis.

If a client only wants to be able to connect to cell phones, the Smart Antenna can be used. The Smart Player takes that a step further, enabling connection to a user’s digital signage hardware, such as the signage at a drive-through window, delivering messages and content to up to two displays. The ability to coordinate digital signage advertising with direct messages to consumers gives clients the capacity to promptly react to preferences of their customers.

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Features and specs of the iSIGN Smart Player:

  • Emulates Apple’s iBeacon and allows users of iBeacon apps to connect with the Smart Player via Bluetooth connectivity
  • A waterproof 6½” x 2″ x 6½” enclosure, fully tested to withstand temperatures ranging from -49 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Separate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi controllers with intelligent frequency share which eliminates interference and allows interactions with 31 phones simultaneously with continuous discovery of mobile devices in proximity
  • Can connect with users anywhere within a 300 foot radius
  • Built-in wireless connectivity, allowing for remote management and statistical support, certified for Verizon network use, but also capable of connecting to other major global networks
  • Connects to retailers’ Point-of-Sale (“POS”) systems
  • Requires only a 120 Vac electrical connection with a forecasted power use of only 6 watts
  • At two pounds and under seven inches in length and height (excluding antennas) it is fully portable
  • Supports signage networks running any Android playback software capable of running on Android 4.2 with dual screens

In the end, the large-scale display screens wowed and 4K sure did impress, but it’s the things you truly discover that stay in your mind months after the show. They’re the people you didn’t expect to meet, like Alex Romanov, a gracious and proud CEO. They’re the companies you had underestimated, or perhaps never even heard of… the ones that surprised you.

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