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Juicys Mobile Concessions Combine Food and Technology on the Go

Traveling fleet of mobile food trucks entices customers with appetizing digital signage solutions.

Jessica Camerato
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In 1984 Juicys opened as a one-person corn dog stand. 30 years later, the company has become a fleet of mobile food trucks that travels across the United States selling menu items such as the “Marauder” steak on a stick, “Texas sized” turkey legs and the Outlaw Burger.

But it takes more than just the aroma of enticing food to capture the attention of customers. Juicys wanted to develop a “wow factor” for its customized food concession vehicles. Since the company participates in fairs, circuses, amusement parks and outdoor dining events, they were looking for ways to engage customers with content that was energetic and easy to change based on the event, menu pricing and audience demographics.

Juicys teamed up with the restaurant management and technology company WAND Corporation to tackle this goal. WAND worked with Hitch-Hiker Mfg., a leader in custom-built trailer and mobile concessions, to develop a digital solution.

Given the food trucks are on the go, the solution needed to travel well and be simple to break down and set up. The final product included custom brackets that were easy to install and execute on the move.

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WAND also had to account for several content-related considerations when developing the solution. Juicys had to be able to change pricing and messaging often to reflect tax rates based on which state the truck is in as well as the look and feel depending on the venue and crowd in attendance. In some instances, though, Juicys trucks travel to events that do not have Internet connection. To make sure the content could still be downloaded, WAND implemented its mini controllers so operators can deploy content from the road via the Internet.

With its new solution in place, Juicys has experienced increased engagement with clientele and more walk-up business since the implementation.

Says Juicy’s owner, Brett Enright, “It really brought that ‘wow’ factor I was looking for.”