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Jupiter Systems Launches Huddle Room-Friendly Canvas CRS-4K

Jupiter’s Canvas collaboration solutions enter conference and huddle rooms with a 4K Canvas product for enterprise customers.

CI Staff

Jupiter Systems knows a bit about collaboration having provided robust collaborative visualization solutions for global organizations since before “collaboration” became a buzz-term.

Its latest release, the Canvas CRS-4K, targets growing demand for conference room and huddle space collaboration solutions. Jupiter calls Canvas CRS-4K a small, quiet box that enables powerful Canvas collaboration. Running the Canvas Client, CRS-4K allows teams to share live video, real-time data, documents, application screens, and presentations with remote users in a rich collaborative environment.

It supports up to four 1080p HD displays or a single 4K Ultra HD display.

More from Jupiter Systems’ press release:

The CRS-4K is equipped with Jupiter’s SimpleShare technology, which makes it possible for users without Canvas to share their laptop screens easily and instantly with local and remote Canvas users.  With SimpleShare, Jupiter’s advanced WebRTC implementation, any laptop can be a Canvas source without downloading software, connecting cables, or attaching dongles.

The CRS-4K supports Canvas 3.0, the latest version of Jupiter’s collaborative visualization software and its new features including a shared voice chat room, Microsoft Lync® integration, and support for shared video and audio with SIP-based conferencing systems.  A multitouch web-based tablet interface makes previewing video and manipulating canvases easy.

Key features of the new Canvas CRS-4K product include:

-Supports up to four 1080p HD displays or one 4K display.

– Supports up to eight H.264 video streams, up to eight VNC viewer windows, up to eight web browser windows, and up to two SimpleShare windows.

– SimpleShare technology lets users present content wirelessly from any laptop, even if Canvas is not installed on that laptop.

– Microsoft Lync® integration allows users to escalate to Canvas from the Lync client or start a Lync conversation from Canvas

– Multitouch web interface supports most tablets, providing video previews, as well as easy resizing and repositioning of canvases

– Support for colleagues without Canvas allows Canvas users can dial out to users of SIP-based conferencing systems, and allows users of SIP-based conferencing systems to dial into a canvas, sharing canvases, video, and audio.

“With Canvas CRS-4K, the conference room just got an upgrade.  Now every conference room and huddle room can be a Canvas workspace for teams. Canvas already supported users on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and control room display walls. Now it also supports teams in any room with an HD screen on the wall,” said Brady O. Bruce, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances for Jupiter Systems.

“The CRS-4K’s game-changing SimpleShare technology, as well as support for non-Canvas users on SIP-based conferencing systems, extends the reach and value of Canvas in the enterprise.”

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