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Kramer Talks Huddle Spaces, VIA and K-Touch in Upcoming Webinar

Kramer Electronics to host a free webinar on May 28 analyzing huddle room collaboration and how to create a single, powerful and affordable UCC solution.

Take your typical meeting room or board room. Think about the kind of collaboration technology that is used in this kind of a large corporate setting. Now, shrink everything.

Huddle spaces are smaller rooms used for corporate meetings with less people, oftentimes connecting to colleagues or customers in remote locations. These spaces are becoming the standard for enterprise collaboration—a huge opportunity for integrators to increase product margins by offering solutions in these areas.

Huddle rooms have “evolved past just a small area for a few people to congregate,” according to Kramer Electronics. “We now see wireless connectivity, video conferencing, modern lighting and audio integrated into these spaces. Driven by lower technology costs, control is now being added into the huddle space to manage the various aspects of the space.”

The margins for integrators to get their foot in the door or do even more in the corporate market are significant. And the products integrators can utilize in huddle rooms are becoming smarter, easier to use and more affordable every year.

Kramer’s upcoming webinar on Thursday, May 28, will discuss two of the company’s products, VIA wireless connectivity and collaboration solutions and K-Touch, a cloud-based control solution.

Michael DiBella, director of collaborative solutions at Kramer, will present the following topics:

  • Why controlling huddle spaces has become a “must” for companies.
  • How VIA & K-Touch can complete a huddle space for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.
  • VIA and K-Touch features and benefits.
  • How the two technologies were designed to integrate together for a single, powerful solution.

The webinar is limited to the first 100 attendees to register, in order to allow for an effective Q&A session at the end. View Kramer’s website to register.

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