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Limelight deploys new Nexo system at Munich Airport

The company has joined a substantial existing network of Nexo STM users in Germany.

David Davies

Germany’s Limelight recently used its newly purchased Nexo M28 compact line array modules, from the manufacturer’s STM Series, to provide reinforcement at a party for the employees of Munich Airport.

Joining a substantial existing network of Nexo STM users in Germany, Limelight’s order comprised 24 STM M28 modules, along with six STM B112 bass cabinets and six STM S118 sub-bass cabinets, along with Nexo Universal Amp Racks (NUARs) featuring NXAMP4x4s to power the system.

For the Munich Airport project, Limelight set up left and right STM arrays, each with three B112 bass and nine M28 main cabinets, with four S118 subs groundstacked below each array. Additional out-fill was provided by a total of 14 Geo S12 cabinets. Completing the Nexo story was a PS15-R2 stage monitor system.

“I heard the system in Paris but this was our first time out with it,” explains Limelight technical director and system designer Marcel Petras. “It did a great job, with a lot of headroom and a great sound. In fact, we didn’t want to turn on the S12 out-fills. My FOH engineer Oliver Matte told me he got goose bumps when he first fired up the system.”

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