Look at the Video Content, Not the Streaming Device

Middle Atlantic’s under-table UTB Series Universal TechBox allows for discreet mounting of AV equipment including streaming devices.

CI Staff

With streaming video content becoming so popular in so many business environments, Middle Atlantic Products has launched a mounting solution that will keep people’s eyes on the presentations and not on the streaming equipment.

Middle Atlantic’s UTB Series Universal TechBox is designed for discreet mounting of AV equipment underneath a table surface within meeting spaces. It says it’s ideal for many small devices, switchers and interface accessories for audio, video or HDMI and specifically calls out that it’s perfect for the popular Crestron 3-Series 4K DigitalMedia Presentation System 150.

More from Middle Atlantic’s press release:

“Our all-new UTB Series provides secure rackmount capability right where it’s needed. Whether it’s underneath a table surface or vertically mounted to another out-of-sight surface, it’s perfect for storing all-in-one presentation and control solutions within small- to mid-sized huddle spaces, conference rooms, and other collaboration environments,” said John Franetovich, application engineer and project manager at Middle Atlantic Products.

“The low-profile and easy-to-install design provides a clean and unobtrusive look with the flexibility to expand from one to two rackspaces, while also providing small device mounting.”

Available in two widths — traditional 19-inch rackmount and half-rack — the UTB Series Universal TechBox is field-configurable with all necessary hardware and accessories for both sizes. The unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically in three easy steps: mount the top to the chosen surface, integrate the equipment, and secure the bottom piece to the top — all without tools.

It includes pairs of rackrail and front and rear covers for both 1RU and 2RU sizes, offering security for settings and cable connections and preventing users from tampering with equipment.

Designed for both rackmount and non-rackmount equipment, the UTB Series’ patented pattern accommodates small device mounting, compact surge protection, and cable tie-down with a vent pattern designed to optimize cooling airflows.

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