Madison Electric Stingray Safeguard Cable Runs through Drop Ceilings

The newly announced Stingray enables electronics technicians to safely pull cabling through drop ceilings without the fear of ruining the cables.

Sometimes it is the smallest things that can be taken for granted.

The Skinny: Take, for example, the act of pulling cables. This job is something done numerous times per day and is so commonplace that no one gives it a second thought … unless of course something goes wrong.

The Specs: Madison Electric‘s newly announced Stingray product is designed to eliminate the costly errors that occur when dealers are pulling cable through drop ceilings. The Stingray prevents installers from snagging cables on drop ceiling tiles.

The company explains all electronics professionals need to do is remove the ceiling tiles and place the Stingray into the corner of the drop ceiling tile to have a safe and effective chase to run cables.

Solutions: The Stingray is applicable in any installation environment that includes drop ceilings.