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Mass Notification Systems Can Save Lives

Lencore’s n.FORM™ Solution meets the design intent of NFPA72 for Mass Notification and Emergency Communications.

There is a clear distinction between a good paging system and a mass notification system.  Mass Notification and Emergency Communication, or MNEC, systems have very specific requirements. The difference lies in the need for merely delivering an audible signal that may or may not be an effective means of communication and a mass notification system that is clearly defined through intelligibility standards.

Lencore’s n.FORM™ Mass Notification Emergency Communication System Solution keeps employees and building occupants safe. With the ability to deliver visual and audible communications, n.FORM™ directs employees away from harm. Emergency communication devices such as speakers, digital signage, texts, emails, tweets, strobes, loud voice speaker arrays and more flow through open-platform protocols to work within designed safety plans.

n.FORM™ provides a completely packaged solution for ease of use and installation. Using a branded enclosure, all of the system’s headend equipment is expertly assembled and ready for on-site installation. The components of the system provide robust zoning capabilities as well as multiple levels for emergency and mass notifications. The system can tie together multiple floors, facilities, or even entire campuses to provide a universal communication system that can be accessed locally and globally to ensure that important announcements can be heard. These engineered systems are designed in house, for free, and easily integrate with other systems you are already installing.

n.FORM™ meets the design intent of NFPA72 – a building code growing in adoption by the local building inspectors. This unique system solution helps companies address the communications component for keeping their most valuable assets, their people, safe.

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