Meet the 2015 CI Industry Leaders

CI recognizes top integrators serving 11 key vertical markets and gleans advice on how they stay at the forefront of their fields.>

CI Staff

Welcome to the fourth annual celebration of some of this industry’s brightest companies, a collection of talent we refer to as the 2015 CI Industry Leaders. We’ve made a few important changes to compiling the list this year and will continue to watch the group evolve as the years go on.

The first, and most significant, change is that all of the companies you see on the pages that follow were chosen based specifically on applications they submitted to us during the time period when we sought them. In the past, the Industry Leaders lists have included a handful of integrators who we knew were among the best in a particular market, whether or not they submitted an application.

This year, we decided to keep the list a bit more exclusive, and that might mean you won’t see a company you’re used to seeing here in our annual collection. We’re hoping you’ll enjoy that change and encourage those you don’t see here to apply next year so we can include them on the 2016 list.

The second major change is focusing on the core markets where those who submitted applications for inclusion on this list work on a regular basis. Last year, we had 12 groups, but this year, we dropped it back to 11 markets because creating that 12th list would’ve meant stretching and compromising on the first aforementioned change.

Finally, you’ll notice most of the groups include five companies, but we expanded the listings to 15 for corporate and 10 each for higher education and hospitals. We think you’ll agree letting more companies bask in the glow was the right move based on their insights.

With those caveats out of the way, no more talking about what’s not included. Let’s celebrate the companies and the markets that are here and all the great work that’s included among this group. Each company shares some of the secrets of their success and looked at how they’ve made it to the top of the industry (though keep in mind these listings are not revenue-based).

We think you’ll learn a lot from the insights shared by the companies included here, and who knows? Maybe if you follow their lead, your company will give them a run for their money and make the 2016 Industry Leaders discussion even more intense.

Check out the complete report, Meet the 2015 CI Industry Leaders.