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Minuteman Announces New Remote Power Management Tool

The RPM1521E is for system administrators who manage one or more remote locations.

CI Staff

Para Systems Inc. announced on Monday the release of the Minuteman RPM1521E, the latest in a line of remote power management (RPM) products.

Designed to eliminate downtime and service calls, the company says the new RPM offers individual outlet control with remote restart, monitoring and management over all connected devices for security systems, retail point of sale systems, telephone/VoIP systems, servers and network peripherals.

Minuteman’s 2-port RPM1521E is a tool for system administrators who manage one or more remote locations, according to the company. The user can control power to attached devices from virtually anywhere using any standard web browser.

The RPM1521E has a “ping” feature that automatically senses that a device is locked up or no longer functioning. Users can program the RPM to send a text message or email to individuals or groups when a device has stopped working. Users can also program the RPM to reboot if a lock-up occurs or the attached device can be manually restarted remotely with the click of a mouse. Attached devices can also be power cycle sequenced, plus power shut-downs and restarts can be scheduled, according to the company.

The RPM Series connects to a network via a CAT5 connection. Once an IP address is assigned, connected devices can be monitored, controlled and managed via a secure web interface, allowing administrators to remotely resolve issues.

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