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Multiple new RCF installations in South Korea

Three new installations reported by distributor Sound Solution include a major project at Gachon University Global Campus.

David Davies

Seoul-based RCF distributor Sound Solution reports recent integration of the Italian manufacturer’s products at Gachon University Global Campus, Gyeonggi Province (courtesy of Winmediatech) and Water Polo & Horse Riding Arena, Incheon City (carried out by Desco), while Lotte Data Communication (CY) undertook the fit-out of the new Gimhae Lotte World Water Park near Busan. The Gachon University project was a completely new fit with a late change of specification bringing RCF into the process.

“Thanks to RCF’s support the products were shipped by air and we were able to deliver on time,” reports Sound Solution’s sales team manager Ma Young-Chae.
The company proposed that 40 RCF TT052-A focused beam columns be installed for the conference room and lecture room, while six TT2-A enclosures – designed for near field sound reinforcement, live sound and corporate events – were were deployed in a multi-purpose role in the main auditorium, which includes live work.

These were underpinned by a pair of TTS26-As, which provided low frequency extension. Sound Solution also made sure that whether lecturers or presenters are delivering a speech or bands are performing on stage, they can clearly hear their own reference sound through four RCF NX12-SMA dedicated floor monitors. Ma Young-Chae reports that the multi-zone design was successfully implemented. “Sound Solution tuned the system and provided full technical support, and I am convinced that the profile of RCF will have been raised as a result,” he continued. “The client is entirely happy with the RCF solution that we proposed.”

Meanwhile, at the Water Park in the south eastern part of the country, operated by experienced theme park specialists Lotte World, several consulting firms were enlisted at the outset and Sound Solutions was one of the companies involved.

Sound Solution technical team head manager Thomas Eom comments: “The equipment was already selected prior to the tender and the contract went to the lowest bidder. At the initial selection stage RCF Acustica range was nominated from the brands proposed, based on a combination of price, performance and application suitability since an outdoor/waterproof solution was required.”

Lotte subsidiary company CY (Lotte Data Communication) was the successful bidder, and Sound Solution provided all products, technical support and operator training.
A full inventory of RCF components was specified. In the main Volcano Zone system a pair of H1315WP and S8015 subs provide high octane sound, supported by four ART315 (doubling as stage monitors and front fill speakers), with six P1108 providing sidefills. The outdoor stage is under the control of RCF’s dedicated DX2006 digital processor.
Four further H1315WP enclosures have been designated to the Beach Zone coverage, with a pair of TTS28WP providing LF extension and two further ART315 as stage monitors.

In the peripheral areas, a pair of RCF P4228 can be found at the entrance to the 4 Seasons zone, four P1108s at the Indoor Water park catwalk and 42 DM41 constant voltage systems providing high intelligibility in the parking lot. In the main lobby there is an assortment of Monitor 55 and MQ50C enclosures.

The third RCF solution was delivered to Incheon City, operators of the Water Polo & Horse Riding Arena. This was a new system, designed for public address announcements and background music, and was delivered in time for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. Desco, a partner of Sound Solution, carried out the installation. Once again, Acustica was recommended for its outdoor as well as indoor use. The installers specified 12 H1315WP as the main speakers in the Horse Riding Arena, with six P3115 as balcony fills, while in the main conference room a pair of RCF TT22 high output passive speakers are supported by two RCF ART310 stage monitors. Across in the Aquatic Centre the sound is heard through four P6215s, while a further 23 P3115 enclosures are distributed throughout the stands.

Sound Solution’s sales team manager, Ma Young-Chae, comments: “RCF was not a well-known brand in Korea before Sound Solution started working with the company. The current perception of RCF is that it is increasingly being recognised by installers operating in a number of sectors and public places, such as offices, rental, church, entertainment venues and so on, with Sound Solution staff doing their best to promote this.

“Companies like Winmediatech and Desco are our long term business partners, and started specifying RCF products on projects soon after Sound Solution started working with the brand.”

As for Lotte Data Communication, they have now opened an account with Sound Solution and from now on will continue to specify the RCF brand. “We will do everything we can to promote the great sound and technology of RCF,” says Young-Chae.