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NanoLumens Racks Up Frequent Flier Miles with Airport Installations

LED display visualization provider NanoLumens is gaining traction with signage deployments at several airports, the latest being Honolulu International.

CI Staff

One reason Ford Audio-Video selected NanoLumens for the HNL project is the manufacturer’s demonstrated ability to custom design solutions in any size, shape, or curvature that are also thin, light in weight, and easy to service.

Other reasons are its “strong integrator support program, superior product performance, and long-term performance reliability,” says Ford Audio-Video bid division manager Ed Knoll. “The NanoLumens team is very accessible and responsive, and is always eager to help us with design and creativity.”

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To operate the NanoLumens 6MM, 2,000 NIT visualization solutions at HNL, Ford Audio-Video installed SITA manufactured software running on Dell Optiplex XE2 computers to generate the flight information in addition to a BrightSign 4K242 solid state media player to output the destination city weather and Hawaii Tourism video slideshow.

“This is the first large format LED display installation at the Honolulu International Airport,” Ellis adds. “The success of this project should help us to bring future large format LED displays to lobbies four through eight of the airport’s overseas terminal.”

The project at Honolulu International Airport is the latest in a series of NanoLumens deployments in airports.


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