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New NEC President/CEO Has Big Vision for Industry’s Future

Whiteboards, mobility and new markets just a few ways future looks bright for building company.>

Less than three months into his new role as president and CEO at NEC Display Solutions of America, Todd Bouman knows he’s got some hard work ahead of him, but he’s poised to handle the challenge and ready to bring the company forward with an innovative approach.

Bouman, 45, came to NEC on May 18 after six years as VP of marketing at Samsung, where he focused largely on business-to-business solutions and relationships. Bouman was “looking to move into bigger roles of responsibility” and jumped at the chance to talk to NEC Display Solutions Worldwide President Noboru “Nick” Akagi and NEC Display Solutions Managing Director Bernd Eberhardt.

“It was a great process,” says Bouman. “We had a great dialogue and discussion around my vision and aligning that with Nick’s global vision.”

It’s an interesting but exciting time for display solutions, says Bouman.

“The technology is mature but it’s coming to the pinnacle where people are using it in so many ways. Displays are that window into the technology,” he says. Bouman mentioned whiteboards, retail sales opportunities and mobility as factors that are directly tied to how displays will be used in the future.

Bouman’s first major foray in his new position was at InfoComm 2015, where he met clients and partners at a pre-show meet-and-greet session. During the three-day trade show, Bouman couldn’t help but notice how many manufacturers are offering solutions that either complement or compete with what NEC is doing and plans to do in the future.

“It’s great to see everyone finding a niche,” says Bouman. “I want to work with all of them.”

As for his short-term focus, Bouman was enthused to know he shared a vision with NEC officials around the world about becoming “a strong global display presence. Business is global these days. It’s important for us to have a global unified footprint. We also need to focus on service and rely on our partners in many different regions.”

Bouman also plans to help NEC figure out a way to create new markets for itself and “help our partner ecosystem understand our capabilities.”

“It’s one thing to understand the market as it is today, but you have to see where it’s going in the future,” he says. “We’re all here to make money but you also have to help customers solve problems. We’ll continue to look at where we can make a difference.”

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