NSCA to Honor 5 Excellence in Business Award-Winning Firms

At the Business & Leadership Conference, Feb. 27 to March 1 in Dallas, NSCA recognizes five forward-thinking firms with its EIB awards.

CI Staff

When NSCA’s 16th annual Business & Leadership Conference kicks off in Dallas, February 27 to March 1, the overarching goal is to help attending integration firms run their businesses better.

A secondary objective, however, is to acknowledge that five firms are already doing an “excellent” job with the business end of their technologies companies.

NSCA recently announced that it will present five firms with 2014 Excellence in Business Awards:

Marketing Strategies—Advance Technology

According to NSCA, the Scarborough, Maine-based firm “developed marketing and promotions plans to support its quick service response (with little investment) for hosted and managed solutions, including access control, surveillance, intrusion alarms, digital signage, and AV systems. The team continuously updates the content on its blogs, website, and social media sites. Its Annual Technology Expo – currently in its fourth year – brings 50 of the industry’s top vendors together to provide educational seminars for current and potential customers. With more than 300 attendees at the event in 2013, it was a remarkable success.”

Growth Strategies—AVI-SPL

The Tampa, Fla.-based global integrator is “invested in its managed services platform to improve the end-user experience,” writes NSCA. “By introducing complete monitoring capabilities for AV devices without requiring full access to a client’s network, privacy features for video calls, and a scalable, affordable virtual meeting room solution, AVI-SPL broadened its services and solutions. It also expanded its medical specialty team by introducing integrated healthcare solutions for operating rooms, medical collaboration, IP-based monitor care systems, and tele-health. These innovations help healthcare facilities ensure efficient operations and the best patient care.”

Fiscal Responsibility—Ford A-V

Oklahoma City, Okla.-based Ford Audio-Video “is focused on executing and delivering on the promise to install high-quality systems on time, under budget, and within specifications,” according to NSCA. It’s “selective about the jobs it accepts, making sure the scope fits the team’s capabilities and can be installed correctly, on time, and within budget. It views every job as an independent event that should be profitable. The firm also never misses a billing date, which could impact cash flow. Lastly, Ford A-V pays attention to basic operations costs and keeps overhead to a minimum. Through these steps, the company maintains a positive cash flow and builds a cash reserve. As a result, Ford A-V is currently working on one of the largest AV projects in the United States after a year-long evaluation process by the customer.”

Recurring Revenue—Human Circuit

This Gaithersburg, Md.-based firm launched an innovative recurring revenue platform, says NSCA. “HTML-based control that improves presentation and collaboration system control is also being used to create operating room efficiency in hospitals. ACUMEN, Human Circuit’s newest technology development, offers customers a portable, easy-to-use, point-of-care visual capture and control system that integrates into a hospital’s existing network and clinical information system for online sharing. The technology’s design minimizes costs and maximizes ROI. As a result, Human Circuit has seen a 90% renewal rate in these services.”

Professional Development—Technical Innovation

The additions of two strategic new positions were factors in NSCA choosing this Atlanta-based firm—a CTO and a director of managed services. “These two positions help Technical Innovation encourage its staff to participate in professional development opportunities. Starting with the on-boarding process, Technical Innovation employees have a sense of individual importance. Employees are incentivized to gain and maintain certifications; this not only adds to the employee’s personal satisfaction, but also contributes to the company’s overall value, overall end product, and customer satisfaction.”

Each Excellence in Business Awards winner receives one complimentary admission to BLC at Four Seasons Las Colinas near Dallas and will be honored during the event.

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