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Nureva Creates 30-foot Surround Experience With Span Ideation System

The collaboration solution is built with three panoramic projectors installed on adjoining walls and leverages a multidisplay setup tool in Span software.

CI Staff

Nureva, Inc. has recently announced the creation of a 30-foot surround experience with its Span ideation system, a collaboration solution that combines one or multiple panoramic projectors with a projection surface and Span software to display an expansive digital canvas. The Span system allows multiple users to digitally share and capture notes, images and annotations using their personal devices.

The new 30-foot surround experience is created by three panoramic projectors installed on adjoining walls and enabled by a multidisplay setup tool in Span software.  The setup tool links the computers and merges the cloud-based canvas across the three systems.

Here’s more from the press release:

This configuration transforms huddle rooms into rich environments for creativity and innovation. As in any project room, team members benefit from being close to their content. Every detail is within easy reach, and content can be fluidly and efficiently moved across walls and around corners. Panning at any location seamlessly moves the whole canvas and its contents around all three walls. The result is more efficient collaboration and an enhanced sensory experience with users reporting reduced distractions and a heightened focus on their content. Team members can quickly identify connections, fill in gaps and see relationships that spark new ideas. In addition, the system’s cloud-based software enables in-room and remote participants to access the material any time through personal devices.

“Wrapping a room with 30’ of digital content takes immersive collaboration to a new level,” says Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “Creating a surround experience with the Span system was a logical next step to support the collaboration needs of our customers with products that fit with their processes and physical spaces.”

Nureva also offers its Span classroom collaboration system, an education solution that enables collaboration on an expansive 40′ (12.2 m) digital canvas. This solution is aimed at helping K-12 students develop 21st-century skills, and like the Span ideation system, enables them to contribute drawings, pictures, and text from their own devices at any location and at any time.

Check out the video below to learn more about the 30-foot surround experience with the Span system.

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