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Optoma projectors deliver multimedia show at Carrières de Lumières

The extensive specification includes a number of Optoma ProScene EH505s.

David Davies

The acclaimed French multimedia facility Carrières de Lumières near Avignon, France, recently undertook the creation of an audio-visual spectacular featuring thousands of digitised images of celebrated artworks projected onto the former quarry’s surfaces. The images – which are accompanied by a vibrant musical soundtrack – are projected by a range of high-end units manufactured by Optoma.

As the result of the ambitious project by site operators Culturespaces, visitors can be fully immersed in image and sound and enjoy a rich sensory experience as they explore major painters’ classic works.

The extensive specification includes a number of Optoma ProScene EH505s, which were installed due to the projectors’ wide lens shift range and off-axis short throw lens option. The EH505 includes 5,000 lumens, WUXGA resolution and powerful image blending tools that deliver great image quality and brightness. The multiple lens options, zoom and focus adjustment ensured that installation was straightforward.

In addition, more than 30 Optoma LED+ ZW212ST projectors were specified, some in portrait mode to project onto the floor. Among other benefits, the ZW212ST’s LED+ technology offers consistent brightness and colour performance, with minimal degradation; thereby allowing the projector to maintain its out-of-the-box image quality without the need for expensive lamp changes throughout its lifetime, claims Optoma.

The extensive installation also features several other Optoma projector models, including the EX785, EW775, W505 and EW610ST.

Sebastien Chapuis, technical manager at Carrières de Lumières, sang the praises of the Optoma units: “Carrières de Lumières is open 10 hours a day, every day for 10 months in a year. The air in the quarry is heavily charged with dust and humidity. To face these difficult conditions, we needed robust and reliable products and also efficient customer service – and that’s what we get from Optoma.”