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Outdoor Digital Signage Receives Overwhelming Support in Los Angeles

Crowds gather in support of installing digital billboards across districts in the city of angels. >

In another victory for the digital signage and outdoor advertising industries, crowds gathered in late June in Los Angeles in support of allowing digital billboards outside designated sign districts in the city.

Most of the overwhelming support came from business and labor groups which urged a City Hall panel to vote to send an amendment allowing the signs to the City Planning Commission for a vote. The panel vote unanimously in favor, keeping the option alive until it reaches the City Planning Commission.

While a few neighborhood leaders urged the panel to keep digital signage restricted to their allotted districts, speakers like Rani Narula-Woods, deputy political director at the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, suggested digital displays would help the city economically.

“Voting to support digital billboard districts and permitting is voting to support the future of local jobs,” said Narula-Woods at the two-hour meeting.

Under the proposal, about two dozen sign districts would be designated for digital signs in neighborhoods like Koreatown, North Hollywood and Warner Center.

The increasing prevalence of outdoor digital signage is a huge step for the digital signage industry and subsequently the integration industry, which will most likely be called on to install these monstrous boards like they have been in well-known signage hubs like Times Square and the Vegas Strip.