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Outline’s Butterfly in full flight at Papal Mass

The rig comprised 56 Butterfly modules, 24 Mantas modules and 24 Subtech 218 units to boost the low frequencies.

David Davies

Outline Butterfly and Mantas loudspeaker systems amplified the voice of Pope Francis during the Holy Mass celebrated on the Plain of Sibari before an estimated crowd of 250,000 worshippers.

The area to be covered by the audio system measured 650 metres (2,132 ft) by 250 (820 ft) and the sound reinforcement system specified was manufactured by Outline. The rig comprised 56 Butterfly modules, 24 Mantas modules and 24 Subtech 218 to boost the low frequencies.

In the vicinity of the Papal chair, two Outline DVS 8, two stage monitor H.A.R.D. 212 and two H.A.R.D. 115 speakers were installed. The choir had other H.A.R.D. 212 monitors at its disposal, while Tripla, Doppia and DVS 10 enclosures covered other areas of the stage.

The company responsible for the operation was Dee Jay Service from Rende (Cosenza), which recently expanded its stock of Outline systems, particularly Butterfly and Mantas enclosures.

Company owner Remo Florio states: “We received flattering feedback from broadcasters RAI TV and Vatican Radio for the clear reproduction of Pope Francis’s message and the even distribution of the sound over the entire area. Looking back, I think that – considering the size of the area – anybody else would have thought of fielding a large-format PA…whereas Butterfly is a compact 30 kg PA!

“We believe the key to a line array’s success is its aiming, particularly if the system is precise – and the fact that the Butterfly performs like a ‘laser beam’ is no secret.

“This explains why, thanks also to the Openarray 3D software, in the capable hands of PA man Francesco Spadaccino, we managed to work wonders.”
Luigi Lombardi of Mods Art, Outline Italian distributor, concludes: “I’m very pleased that once again the Outline network worked wonderfully. It was founded with the intent of supporting our clients in the most important stages of their work. In fact, collaboration between companies has become fundamental and the network is the best response to the current market situation.”

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