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Pakedge Device & Software K60D Series Routers

Networking connectivity pro Pakedge recently announced new routers suited for today’s robust needs.

It used to be the AV gear, phone or some other system that grabbed the attention of end-user business owners.

Today, however, if a business doesn’t have a robust network then it’s literally “game over.”

These days everything from audio and video to security, automation and computing all require fast and reliable network connectivity. Supporting all of a business’ growing networking needs is Pakedge Device & Software.

Just prior to last month’s InfoComm event in Las Vegas, the Hayward, Calif.-based manufacturer announced its K60D series of routers, which it says will replace the company’s K6x series of router products.

“Pakedge is constantly innovating both hardware and software solutions to better arm the integrator when building and managing AV networks,” says Nick Phillips, vice president of sales and marketing, Pakedge. “As we move to the new K60D platform, we will continue to support projects using the K6x router and will assist all integrators adopting the new router.”

Keeping the Traffic Flowing

Pakedge explains the newly announced K60D line of routers incorporates its top-of-the-line switch technology that is specifically designed for the demands of streaming and networked AV content.

The products also feature preconfigured VLANs that enable the fast setup of broadcast or latency-sensitive devices that require their own segmented, sub-network for optimum performance.

Other features built into the line of routers include Pakedge’s TruStream technology that ensures latency-sensitive traffic receives prioritization, and it notes, the products are also supported by a range of Power over Ethernet (PoE)-enabled devices, including wireless access points (WAPs), touchpanels and IP security cameras.

Integration & CyberSecurity Support

To better support the professional electronics market, Pakedge also backs the routers with UTM provided by Fortinet to allow for enhanced firewall with intrusion detection and prevention, application control, web filtering, VPN, anti-spam and anti-virus.

In addition, Pakedge says the routers integrate with its BakPak cloud- based, mobile and web app that supports network reports and maintenance activities from remote locations.

Additional specs:

  • Preconfigured with basic and advanced settings through Pakedge’s support services.
  • Additional configuration options available through Pakedge’s alliance with Fortinet, as well as its customer support team.
  • AV rack mountable, the routers fit 19-inch 1U rack slots, and its bundled, turnkey kits vary from 1U to 2U depending on the companion switch.
  • Dual WAN ports for redundant Internet connections and multiple VPN tunnels.
  • Seven gigabit internal switch ports and a single USB port that enables electronics professionals to connect compatible third-part 3G/4G USB modems to provide additional WAN connectivity.
  • The routers utilize Pakedge’s VLAN technologies that compartmentalize traffic into specific subnetworks to reduce network conflicts, and TruStream technology that prevents traffic issues by offering per port and per type traffic control.

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