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Pakedge Software Visualization Simplifies Remote Networking

Pakedge WAP Map and latest version of Pakedge C36 WAP Controller are designed to simplify wireless network deployment.

CI Staff

Pakedge Device and Software Inc. has designed a suite of software visualization tools to help simplify wireless network deployments for resellers.

The Pakedge WAP Map is an interactive web-based “heat map” planning tool. It helps installers estimate the number of necessary wireless access points (WAPs), approximate coverage area of each WAP, and target placement locations.

This tool utilizes a graphical user interface with drag-and-drop functionality and a visual representation of WAPs and coverage zones. The WAP Map is ideally used for a pre-sales and project planning tool.

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Pakedge has also released the latest firmware version (2.00-70) of the Pakedge C36 WAP controller. This displays the results of radio frequency (RF) environment site surveys as a visual chart.

These charts show nearby RF sources, signal strength, and occupied channels within the frequency band. This was designed to simplify the installer’s understanding of the project site’s wireless environment while allowing them to adjust the Pakedge WAP settings to eliminate potential interference issues.

Graphical site survey shown above

Watch the video below to learn more about the Pakedge software:

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