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Panasonic Joins HDBaseT Alliance

Panasonic, which offers nearly 20 HDBaseT-enabled projectors and displays, joins the HDBaseT Alliance as a contributor member.

CI Staff

Panasonic has joined the HDBaseT Alliance as a contributor member. The HDBaseT Alliance is a consortium of companies that works to promote and standardize HDBaseT technology.

Although this is its first day as a member of the HDBaseT Alliance, Panasonic has played an integral role in the development of the HDBaseT technology since its introduction in 2010, and offers a number of HDBaseT-enabled projectors and commercial displays.

“Panasonic is not just a strong advocate for HDBaseT, it is also a market-leading provider of HDBaseT-enabled components, that has played and will continue to play a critical role in growing the ecosystem of HDBaseT products” says Micha Risling, marketing chair of the HDBaseT Alliance. “Its success with integrating HDBaseT into projectors and professional displays reflects the success the HDBaseT Alliance has enjoyed in terms of growing to more than 80 members offering solutions that enable end-to-end deployment of HDBaseT.”

Panasonic offers a diverse selection of nearly 20 HDBaseT-enabled projectors and displays, including a 1080p lamp-free professional projector with HDBaseT. Referred to as DIGITAL LINK, the HDBaseT enabled projectors and displays enable a single CAT5e and above cable to transmit uncompressed HD videos, audio and control commands up to 100 meters.

Panasonic recently announced its departure from the consumer electronics business to focus on more profitable commercial businesses.

To learn more about HDBaseT, download our “HDBaseT: Everything You Need to Know” White Paper.

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