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Philips’ Booth Impresses with New Ultra HD 4K Display Innovation at InfoComm 2016

Packed with features to help improve collaboration and connectivity for end users and easier system management for integrators, Philips’ Ultra HD 4K displays aim to enhance video conferencing and presentations in corporate environments.

This year’s InfoComm show floor is undoubtedly packed with innovation. Companies such as Philips are displaying game changing solutions and products that are sure to impact both integrators and end users.

Philips’ booth #C6814 is showcasing Ultra HD 4K displays featuring two new groundbreaking innovations.

Using the solution’s quad viewing feature, a video wall effect is created on the display. In the quad feature, there are four separate zones in which an end user can connect up to four laptops during a video conference. One zone can display a video, while another displays a slideshow.  Built for corporate environments, this solution aims to provide end users with more flexibility and opportunities for collaboration.

Among the quad viewing feature are two other innovations aimed at simplifying management of the display system.

“One innovation is we have Android integrated into our displays, allowing integrators to more easily manage the display system,” says Stephen Shao, marketing manager for Philips, “and if a customer already has an Android app, they can integrate it directly into the display and play content directly from the display.”

The android displays also have a proof of play feature, helping end users run content consistently.

“One of the things about content is if you have an installation of a few 100 displays in stores across the country, you want to make sure content is always running and there are no blank screens. With the proof of play feature, one person can receive automated screen shots from each screen to prove that each display has content running,” says Shao.

In addition to the proof of play feature, the displays also offer a command display management feature that allows customers to manage and update content, schedule the content and push it out to any connected display.

“The control side is best for integrators. That allows them to update firmware, clone settings and schedule when it’s going to turn on and off from one centralized location,” says Shao.

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