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Polycom Reveals Three New Solutions for RealPresence Platform at InfoComm 2015

Polycom further revolutionizes collaboration with RealPresence Web Suite, Media Suite and Cloud.>

Demonstrating the company’s commitment to driving collaboration experiences, Polycom announced at InfoComm 2015 three new solutions to its already impressive Polycom RealPresence Platform.

Polycom added advanced capabilities, extended benefits, and cloud offers to the RealPresence Platform, making it a more complete, affordable, and accessible method of building and harnessing the workplace of the future.

RealPresence Web Suite

Web Suite is an innovative collaboration software solution that has the power to bring the 1.3 billion Web users together by connecting them to a visual collaboration network—from anywhere, on any device, with just the click of a Web link.

Plug-in free, Web Suite automatically connects teams through WebRTC or via a bridge for larger calls or a plug-in for non-WebRTC browser. Multiple documents can be attached or uploaded before or during the meeting. Up to six documents at once can be shared, viewed, compared, and annotated simultaneously by all meeting members.

“Historically you shared a screen, and whoever is sharing, that’s all anyone can see. If two people are sharing a document you have to ping-pong back and forth between them,” says Michael Frendo, Executive Vice President of Engineering for Polycom. “For the first time we’re introducing a capability that you don’t have to ping-pong back and forth. We’ve limited it to 6 documents, we can do more, there’s no technology limit, we just don’t see how you can use the screen space with more than 6. If customers say they want more we’ll give them more.”

RealPresence Media Suite

Polycom’s Media Suite solution can turn any workspace into a media studio. With a design inspired by familiar consumer video libraries, RealPresence Media Suite is an easy-to-use recording and webcasting portal that allows users to record, share, stream and playback full-motion videos during meetings with the simplicity and convenience of a Web browser.

RealPresence It can provide network-based recording for up to 100 concurrent video sessions, stream up to 50 live events and reach up to 10000 viewers through live webcasts and recorded videos. RealPresence Media Suite complements an organization’s existing video infrastructure and integrates with other collaboration tools, allowing people to use their video conferencing systems and mobile devices in new ways.

“Media Suite is about capturing, storing, playing back, broadcasting – it’s all about taking the content of the meeting, the entire meeting experience, and being able to access that content,” says Frendo. “We’ve really created a technology that’s extremely user-accessible.”

RealPresence Cloud

Polycom RealPresence Cloud provides global access to a simple, flexible, mobile-friendly cloud video service. RealPresence Cloud delivers universal access to video collaboration through easy-to-use, click-to-connect functionality.

Delivered by select Polycom partners, it boasts the power and interoperability of the Polycom RealPresence Platform. Each subscription includes user licenses for Polycom RealPresence Desktop and Polycom RealPresence Mobile. RealPresence Cloud is also offered via the Web and provides the same enterprise-grade, secure video experience across a variety of voice and video endpoints and locations available in the cloud. 

The Polycom RealPresence Media Suite is available globally today while both the Polycom RealPresence Web Suite and RealPresence Cloud will be available later this summer.