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Primeview Expands Line of 4K Monitors

Adding to its line of UHD displays, Primeview has announced a new 49-inch model of 4K monitors.

It doesn’t happen too often—the trends that are driving consumer electronics are simultaneously occurring within the commercial A/V industry. In the case of 4K, the technology is gaining momentum in both markets.

The Skinny: Adding to the commercial 4K market is the New York-based manufacturer Primeview, which has been an early adopter to the 4K/UHD market.

The Specs: The company’s latest product is a 49-inch UltraHD/4K display that broadens its already vast range of 4K display solutions.

Joining its 55-, 65-, 75-, 84- and 98-inch products, the smaller 49-inch model is designed to provide users with a large, but more cost-effective display solution that can be used for a variety of applications.

“Over the past two years, we have seen a massive 4K adoption that went from the consumer world and into the commercial market. As a project based industrial manufacturer, Primeview continues to be at the forefront of bringing more 4K commercial-grade LED LCD display solutions to the market in a variety of brightness levels, connectivity and metal-work designs,” says Chanan Averbuch, vice president of sales and marketing, Primeview. “With the new size and budget-oriented price point, our 49-inch solution helps customers enter a new era of 4K capabilities.”

Primeview states the product leverages two decades of R&D and features that include the use of two Vx1 cables, rather than the standard four LVDS cables that are normally used on FHD products. In addition, the company points out the product includes a choice of connectivity solutions such DisplayPort, HDMI 1.4 and options for HDBaseT.

Solutions: Primeview says the 49-inch model can be used for applications such as control rooms, medical environments and digital signage.

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