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Pro Control Products Support Installer Choice

Pro Control offers a family of powerful control solutions dealers can use in a variety of environments, and its product line includes the ProLink.z control processor and Pro24.z touchscreen controller.

RTI is a popular manufacturer of customizable control solutions in the custom electronics industry. A few years ago, the company launched its Pro Control brand to service residential and commercial dealers to an even higher degree.

The Skinny: Pro Control’s tandem solution of its ProLink.z control processor and Pro24.z touchscreen controller provide electronics professionals with a powerful control solution that incorporates features such as an integrated 2.4GHz ZigBee antenna for bi-directional control capabilities, as well as a pair of RS-232 ports for increased control options.

The Specs: The Pro24.z controller features a high-resolution 2.4-inch TFT LCD touchscreen display, a programmable five-way joystick and backlit hard buttons that support usage in dark room environments. The ProLink.z control processor incorporates the ability to store macros, as well as as six routable IR ports with output strength attenuation, two voltage-sensing inputs and an Ethernet port for network control of an unlimited amount of devices.

In addition, the company points out installers can use the components with its companion ProPanel App that can be used with any Apple iOS device. Pro Control says the app can be used without any additional programming and it provides users with features such as two-way feedback with dynamic image lists, high-resolution images and other intuitive information.

Solutions: The Pro Control solutions can be used in boardrooms, educational settings and other electronic intensive environments.