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Products, Services & Support to Excel in Digital Signage

Download Almo Pro A/V’s 2015 Digital Signage Resource Guide, featuring products, trends, services and business support.

In just two short years, the digital signage market is projected to grow to $17 billion worldwide. Digital Signage is nothing new, and it’s an area of our industry that continues to flourish at a striking rate. But despite this sustained growth, many pro AV integrators are reluctant to dive in.

There are many aspects that build a successful digital signage installation. An integrator must first consider the purpose of the installation – what are the goals? Who is the audience? Where do I want it installed? Couple that with all of the technical questions related to product type, installation size, and networking capabilities. The savvy integrator also knows that any installation is not complete without considering the content and maintenance plan.

With all of those components to weave together, it’s no surprise some integrators are hesitant. However, with partners like Almo who offer a complete suite of offerings from content to installation, it’s easy to jump into the massive digital signage market.

At Almo, we strive to provide integrators with the expertise they need, regardless if they’re seasoned professionals or just starting out in digital signage. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and value-added services unrivaled in the industry. Almo is the only pro AV distributor that offers the latest products from leading manufacturers, in addition to offering its own content creation services to create recurring revenue and installation services to scale your operations without overhead costs.


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