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Protective Enclosures Partners with Philips for Outdoor Digital Signage

PEC and Philips collaborate to increase affordability of outdoor digital signage.

As digital signage becomes more prevalent, so must outdoor AV as many of these signage installations are outdoors. However, outdoor digital signage pricing is still pretty high and may be out of some companies’ reach.

In an effort to increase affordability of these outdoor systems, Protective Enclosures Company has partnered with Philips to offer a complete weatherproof and durable outdoor digital signage solution.

Protective Enclosures is an Orlando, Fl., based manufacturer of weatherproof display enclosures. PEC says its Display Shield allows commercial displays to be placed outdoors or in high traffic areas at a low cost — 50 to 75 percent less than your typical outdoor sign.

The Display Shield is suited for stadiums, educational facilities, theme parks, restaurants, hotels and other commercial venues. It protects against water, sun, moisture, theft, vandalism, pests and extreme temperatures. PEC names a few companies already using the Display Shield, such as Marrioptt, Six Flags and the Dallas Cowboys.

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In partnering with Philips, PEC now also offers an array of digital signage display models with features from TV tuners (allowing Wi-Fi connection), and 350 plus nit displays to a variety of size options for commercial integrators and end users.

“Thanks to this partnership with Philips, PEC clients can now purchase affordable signage protection and displays in one easy process,” says PEC CEO, Justin King. A one-stop-shop, buyers can select only a digital display, if they aren’t looking for outdoor capabilities. Or, they have the opportunity to purchase the Display Shield in addition, to protect their investment.

The collaboration enables PEC enclosures and displays to be available in one place, for a cheaper price.

Update! The Display Shield signs are up on the company’s website. Find them here.