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Prysm Sparks Team Innovation and Collaboration at GE Headquarters

GE implements Prysm technology, including Prysm Visual Workplace into its interim Boston Headquarters and New York City office in an effort to foster innovation and collaboration.

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In an effort to spark team innovation and collaboration, GE has chosen to implement Prysm Visual Workplace into its new interim headquarters in Boston and other locations. Prysm worked with Diversified and AVI-SPL to outfit the headquarters with Prysm technology.

Prysm technology can be found throughout GE’s interim headquarters in key business areas, such as the lobby, executive offices, executive conference rooms and the boardroom.

Additional locations, such as the new GE office location in New York City, will also have Prysm technology installed.

Prysm Visual Workplace

“As we move forward in our journey to become the world’s premier digital industrial company, the ability to connect seamlessly is critical,” said Chris Drumgoole, vice president and chief technology officer for GE Digital, in a Prysm press release.

“The Prysm technology provides us with new and innovative ways to collaborate both locally and virtually.”

By using Prysm Visual Workplace, Prysm says GE employees, customers, partners and any other invited participants can easily collaborate and share highly visual content in real time across any device or location.

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Prysm’s cloud-based work spaces also allow meeting participants to continue a previous meeting exactly where they left off and enable content from previous meetings to be easily reviewed within the solution.

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“Prysm is very excited to work with forward-thinking leaders like GE, who have made it a strategic imperative to modernize their workplace technologies because they know it will drive the best productivity and innovation from employees,” said Amit Jain, CEO, Prysm, in the company’s news release.

“Prysm Visual Workplace will enhance collaboration among GE employees whether they are in the office in front of a large Prysm display or on the road working from their mobile device.”

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