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Radial StageBug SB-48UB Phantom Power Supply Offers Connection Flexibility

Radial Engineering’s newest product can aid musicians in diversifying their tones through the blending of their pick-ups and condenser microphones.

Radial Engineering is well known in the live sound and studio audio industries for its direct boxes, interfaces, switches, cables and snakes.

The Skinny: Adding to its line of products, the Canadian manufacturer has just announced its latest StageBug product, the StageBug SB-48UB Phantom Power Supply.

The Specs: Radial explains the StageBug SB-48UB Phantom Power Supply is designed to allow guitar players, bass players and mandolin players to connect a condenser microphone to one of the company’s PZ-Pre or PZ-Deluxe preamplifiers. The value of this configuration, according to Radial, is that it enables musicians and FOH engineers to reliably vary their tonal capabilities.

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“Over the past couple of years we have seen a tremendous take up of the PZ-Pre on professional stages, particularly with blue-grass instruments [such as] acoustic guitars and upright basses,” notes Nancy Smith, mechanical designer, Radial Engineering. “Since the PZ-Pre is able to combine two inputs using a blend function, one can mix two types of pickups together to create the sound. This has led to the demand to combine a condenser microphone with a pickup.”

“The SB-48UB takes the balanced input from a condenser and supplies it with 48-volt phantom power,” he continues. “It also outputs an unbalanced signal that is appropriate for the PZ-Pre and the more affordable PZ-Deluxe. This opens the door for artists to use their favorite mic with their favorite preamp pedal.”

Solutions: The $150 Radial Engineering StageBug SB-48UB Phantom Power Supply can be used in studio and live stage environments. 

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