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Redd Foxx and Andy Kaufman Back from the Dead?

Pepper’s Ghost versions of the legendary comedians touring the country next year. Are you coming to join them?

Longtime Andy Kaufman fans have to wonder if word of a 2016 tour featuring Kaufman and fellow comedy legend Redd Foxx—both in Pepper’s Ghost form—is all just an elaborate setup for the enigmatic funnyman to return to the spotlight after a mysterious disappearance from public view decades ago.

How else can you explain the fact two men who’ve been dead for well more than 20 years each (Foxx died in 1991 of a heart attack and Kaufman reportedly died in 1984 from lung cancer) will be filling arenas with a whole new generation of fans?

Hologram USA will bring back Kaufman and Foxx in a tour that will see the duo return from the grave in some ways for this unique experience. But please don’t call them holograms, like so many people did when rapper 2Pac showed up on the Coachella stage a few years ago. It’s a common misunderstanding among those who don’t know better.

In keeping with the theme of the Halloween season, these will be Pepper’s Ghost versions of these kings of the stage, as will the touring versions of Whitney Houston and Billie Holiday, also under the auspices of Hologram USA.

If you really want to see a cool hologram, you could head to the International Tennis Hall of Fame and get a few pointers from future Hall of Famer Roger Federer.

The Foxx-Kaufman tour will be made possible by CMG Worldwide and FilmOnStudios. No word on the name of the tour yet, but may we suggest Funny Tales from the Crypt?

Maybe “Elizabeth” will join her “Sanford and Son” widow on stage for a handful of the dates, much to the delight of fans of the 1980s sitcom.

Does this mean Redd Foxx will get the opportunity to put his own spin on Kaufman’s famous Mighty Mouse routine?

Or maybe Kaufman will get the chance to wear Foxx’s powder blue tux complete with matching bow tie and eye-blinding gold chain to tell a few jokes?

This could become quite the trend going forward. Maybe someone can launch a Power of 27 tour that brings together Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and other music legends who died at that young age? Or could this finally be the way to reunite the Fab Four?

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