Revolabs’ New Elite Wired Microphones for Conference Rooms

Announced today at InfoComm, Revolabs releases its newest wired microphone line for conferencing and unified communications.

CI Staff

This morning, Revolabs announced its new line of Elite Wired Microphones at InfoComm 2014.

The Elite Wired series works to seamlessly integrate with any boardroom color scheme or design. It is available in multiple colors, including black matte finish, brushed nickel, and white, for unobtrusive tabletop usage for conferencing and unified communications applications.

The microphone line mirrors the same quality and flexible installation capabilities as all Revolabs products, says the Massachusetts-based company.

“We created the new Elite Wired Microphones to meet the demand for wired solutions that can leverage today’s exciting collaborative communication opportunities,” says Tim Root, Revolabs CTO. “The new mics follow the same engineering philosophy as our award-winning wireless microphones while providing users with mix-and-match capabilities in both function and style. The result is a uniform look across conferencing spaces and superb audio capture performance for environments that may not be ideal for wireless systems.”

Available in omnidirectional or directional (cardioid) models, the tabletop microphones follow the same form-factor and design as the company’s Executive Elite series. The company says that the Elite Wired Microphones are impervious to GSM noise, and that they deliver an unmatched signal-to-noise ratio and supported frequency range for best-in-class audio capture performance.

Revolabs says the microphones satisfy security concerns, reduce A/V staff setups and maintenance interventions, and easily integrate with post-audio processing and mixing components to support any UC application. An optional mounting adapter provides lockdown capability for settings requiring fixed microphone locations.

The microphones can also be used with Revolabs’ entire wireless solution portfolio, increasing the maximum number of microphones available within a single space while combining wireless flexibility with the security of the wired microphones.

Resilient and durable, Elite Wired Microphones complement any conference room aesthetics.

The Elite Wired Microphones will be available in Q3 of this year.