Samsung unveils first professional UHD monitor

The 31.5-inch UD970 is said to give creative professionals the ultimate viewing experience.

David Davies

Samsung Electronics has introduced its first-ever professional ultra-high-definition (UHD) monitor. The 31.5-inch UD970 is said to give creative professionals the ultimate viewing experience for improved creativity, efficiency and engagement at every stage of the content creation process.

Through meticulous factory calibration, Adobe RGB support and professional design functionality, the UD970 achieves the optimal levels of colour accuracy, picture quality and clarity demanded by even the most discerning creative professionals. The monitor’s functionality means precise calibration and minimised colour disparities between input and output, as well as hassle-free screen adjustment, resulting in a more responsive, personalised and seamless operation.

“The UD970 is designed for creative professionals that have the greatest need for better colour accuracy for producing the highest quality content and design,” said Phil Gaut, director of display, Samsung UK & Ireland “Samsung’s UD970 raises the colour bar with best-in-class colour uniformity, clarity and overall picture quality; all of which are offered within a sleek, modern and ergonomically-designed monitor.”

Each UD970 advanced monitor undergoes rigorous calibration in the factory, enabling smooth, precise colour gradation, as well as clear colour in grayscale and white balance. The factory-calibrated engine delivers uniform, consistent colour across the entire screen with a 16-bit look-up table (LUT). The result is that the UD970 maintains smoother gradation that adjusts the colour without reduction so that it maximises the monitor’s capabilities. The monitor’s unique hardware calibration technology provides a best-in-class colour precision and accuracy of ΔE≤ 1.0.

As the only LED monitor in which 99.5 percent of the Adobe RGB gamut is enabled, the UD970 also allows for extremely accurate colour representation. A 99.5 percent colour presentation in the Adobe RGB gamut means decreased output errors and minimised colour disparity when printing. Optimised for creative professionals, the UD970 also comes equipped with eight different pre-set colour modes to meet the demands of any project.

For enhanced multi-tasking and efficiency, the monitor’s dual colour mode allows two different single-colour modes to be displayed on one screen. The monitor can be represented in two different colour outputs regardless of the source. A quad windows picture-by-picture (PBP) function supports up to four FHD windows on one screen simultaneously, while a dual windows PBP function enables the monitor to be connected to two PCs and have two individual native resolutions showing. A separate picture-in-picture (PiP) 2.0 function displays a separate PiP content feed on screen.

The monitor’s wide-viewing angle of 178 degrees, along with its ability to tilt, swivel and angle both horizontally and vertically, also provides professionals with the optimal viewing experience from any position. Similarly, a VESA-supported wall mount and bezel hood ensures easy screen adjustments when matching the screen to eye level or when changing perspective during group collaborations.